Metal bat’s ABILITIES sneak peek (ANIME VERSION) in Saitama battleground

Sneak Peak of Metal Bat's abilities

Metal Bat, a character known for his incredible strength and unwavering determination, is set to bring a unique set of abilities to the battleground in Saitama Battlegrounds.


In this post, we will delve into Metal Bat’s abilities and explore the exciting gameplay possibilities he offers.

Sneak Peak of Metal Bat's abilities

 As we eagerly await Metal Bat’s arrival in the game, let’s check about this highly anticipated character, who is a fighter renowned for his unparalleled strength and unyielding resolve.

1st Ability

First and foremost, Metal Bat possesses a devastating swing with his trusty bat. When executing this move, Metal Bat charges forward with immense power, unleashing a powerful slam upon his enemies.


Imagine yourself dashing towards your foes, bat in hand, and delivering a crushing blow that leaves them reeling. This ability showcases Metal Bat’s raw strength and reinforces his reputation as a formidable combatant.


This ability alone is bound to leave opponents trembling in fear and provides an exhilarating glimpse into Metal Bat’s combat prowess. It’s no wonder that fans and gamers alike are buzzing with excitement to witness this ferocious ability in action.

2nd Ability

Moving on to his second ability, Metal Bat demonstrates his agility with a teleportation move. With a swift activation, he teleports to the nearest enemy, showcasing his mastery over quick movements.


Charging up his bat with an immense amount of power, Metal Bat initiates a small explosion reminiscent of Saitama’s iconic Death Punch.


While it may not reach the level of Saitama’s punch in terms of damage, it remains a visually impressive move, accompanied by the destruction of the ground around him.


In the blink of an eye, Metal Bat vanishes from one location and reappears beside the nearest enemy, catching them off guard and positioning himself strategically for the next strike.


This incredible mastery over quick movements not only adds a dynamic dimension to the gameplay but also hints at the versatility that Metal Bat brings to the battlefield.

3rd Ability

The third ability, aptly named “Savage Tornado” or “Brutal Tornado,” further accentuates Metal Bat’s capabilities.


This move exemplifies Metal Bat’s ability to create a whirlwind of destruction as he spins around with his bat. Inflicting severe damage upon his enemies, Metal Bat showcases his prowess in unleashing devastating attacks.


It’s worth noting that this move can be countered by players using the character Guru, adding a strategic element to the encounters just as we witnessed in the anime.


This ability’s visual spectacle is mesmerizing, and it’s a testament to the developers’ dedication in capturing the essence of Metal Bat’s character from the original anime and manga series.

4th Ability

Metal Bat’s fourth ability is a counter move designed to turn the tables on his adversaries. When an opponent launches an attack, Metal Bat expertly slams his bat down, creating a massive shockwave that engulfs his surroundings.


This counter move not only deals damage but also serves as a deterrent, discouraging opponents from relentlessly attacking Metal Bat without caution. The developers have gone above and beyond to faithfully recreate the essence of Metal Bat’s abilities from the anime and manga series.


The stunning visual effects accompanying each move further enhance the immersive experience, allowing players to truly embody the power and ferocity of Metal Bat.

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