NEW speed o sonic ability name REVEALED! Saitama battleground

This is another epic video  where I have discussed the latest updates and sneak peeks from the exciting game Saitama Battlegrounds. 

Today, I have some thrilling news to share about the fourth ability of Speed o Sonic and an epic new finisher for Garou’s Arsenal.

Let’s start with the sneak peek of Speedo Sonic’s fourth ability known as four-fold slice just the name alone gives us chills and I can’t wait to dive into the details of what this ability has in store for us.

Four-fold slice appears to be a counter move that unleashes an incredible sequence of attacks when activating this ability Speed o Sonic will assume a defensive stance standing still and gripping his sword this defensive posture will last for a brief period of 4 seconds.


If an enemy foolishly attacks him during this time something incredible happens Speed o Sonic will teleport behind the enemy triggering a cuss scene that showcases his prowess.


In this casino he summons five after images of himself creating a mesmerizing sight as they circle around the enemy.

Once Speed o Sonic is in close proximity to the enemy he executes a powerful upward slash that launches them into the air but that’s not all mid-air he swiftly throws a Kunai in front of the enemy using it as a teleportation marker.



In an instant he teleports to the Kunai slashing the enemy with his sword, now if the enemy’s health is below 30 percent,  Speed o Sonic switches up his attack strategy instead of a regular slash he throws multiple exploding  burning damage on the enemy.

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On to Garou’s new finisher is an absolute spectacle of martial arts prowess. If the enemy’s Health drops below 20 percent Garou unleashes an Unstoppable assault with lightning speed and dashes towards the enemy swiftly maneuvering behind them.

In a display of immense strength Garou slams his opponent with tremendous force sending shockwaves through the battlefield.

But here’s the best part anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the final impact of Garou’s finisher will also suffer additional damage.

Hope you all enjoyed reading the New Speed o Sonic ability name that was revealed. Keep reading and watch my YouTube channel for more videos.

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