Speed-O’- Sonic is finally free!

Speed O Sonic is finally free in Saitama Battlegrounds

Fans of this iconic character have been eagerly awaiting this moment, the legendary ninja, Speed-o-Sonic, is now finally free.


The release of the new update brings with it a host of thrilling changes, including Speed-o-Sonic’s long-awaited awakening.


Speed o Sonic fans can now witness his unleashed power and experience the exhilaration of playing as this agile and swift ninja.


Speed O Sonic is finally free in Saitama Battlegrounds

Saitama, our favorite unbeatable hero, has acquired an awe-inspiring ultimate move known as the Omnidirectional Serious Punch. This ability is not just a mere skill but a full-fledged cinematic experience that will leave you in awe.


When unleashed, Saitama’s opponents simply vanish from existence, obliterated by the sheer force of his power. Imagine witnessing your enemies fade away into thin air as you deliver this devastating attack.


But Saitama isn’t the only one receiving exciting updates. Speed-o-Sonic, the agile and swift ninja, has unlocked his fourth awakened ability called the Four-Fold Flash Strike.


This incredible move allows Speed-o-Sonic to summon four afterimages of himself, creating a dazzling display of speed and skill.


He dashes forward with lightning speed, and if he manages to pass through his enemy, he swiftly swings his sword around, inflicting colossal damage.


The combination of speed and precision makes this ability a force to be reckoned with, showcasing Speed-o-Sonic’s prowess as a formidable warrior.

Speed O Sonic is finally free in Saitama Battlegrounds

Now, let’s explore Metal Bat, the newest game update. This character is an exclusive gem available to players who have the Early Access Game Pass, making him a rare and sought-after addition to the Saitama Battlegrounds universe. 


Metal Bat brings his unique combat style to the table, currently possessing one devastating ability called Rebound Smash.


When activated, Metal Bat delivers a powerful strike that propels his opponent into the air with a swift motion, followed by a crashing blow that inflicts significant damage.


While this ability doesn’t have a finisher yet, we can anticipate it becoming even more spectacular in future updates, adding further depth to Metal Bat’s combat repertoire.

Speed O Sonic is finally free in Saitama Battlegrounds

One of the most intriguing aspects of Saitama’s Omnidirectional Serious Punch is its unstoppable nature.


Regardless of how formidable your opponent may be, if you manage to land the first part of this devastating move, they will be instantly obliterated and banished from the map.


This ability is a game-changer, solidifying Saitama’s position as the ultimate force in Saitama Battlegrounds. The power disparity between Saitama and his adversaries has never been more evident.


The Omnidirectional Serious Punch and the Four-Fold Flash Strike have us speechless.


As the new update is finally released, the world of Saitama Battlegrounds is transformed, offering players an enhanced and thrilling gaming experience. 

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